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Dialogistics Living and Working Together

Build Community Connections, One Conversation at a Time.  

Dialogistics Living and Working Together

About Us

At Dialogistics®, A University of Pittsburgh Licensed Start-up, we bridge the gap between research and the real-world using insights from humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to improve the human condition by fostering human connection, cultivating a safe and healthy environment for all. We strive to empower individuals, organizations and communities with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of today’s world, fostering a more compassionate and interconnected society.


We fully understand the importance of creating formal and safe spaces for discovering deeper and meaningful relationships. The COVID pandemic as well as recent protests regarding racial injustice have forced us to look at inequities embedded in our modern society, tying into larger conversations about race, ethnicity, discrimination, and institutionalized racism. Human societies face very serious challenges and addressing everyone's well-being is a pressing issue.


Reflecting on the wide gaps that separate us, it is crucial that we all work together to create space for conversations devoted to discovering deeper connections, building bridges, and learning about each other’s lives to create a safe, healthy, just, and inclusive environment for everyone.

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