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Our Services

Dialogistics® Training is guided by highly experienced facilitators and engages participants who customize their experiences to support a valuable group experience. To become a leader in creating a diverse, inclusive and healthy space for your community, and build bridges among team members, chat with us to learn about The Cultural Engagement Playbook modality that works best for your needs. All these modalities come with a free Cultural Engagement Kit except for hot-spot interventions.

CEP Standard 

CEP delivered to customer defined groups (e.g. business schools, HR consulting firms, managers).

Receive a certificate of completion.

Dialogistics Living and Working Together

Three-Step Process

A foundation of discovery, engagement, and support


Pre-training questionnaire to address individual needs and desired outcomes.


An in-person or virtual workshop where participants will engage in activities backed by research-proven methodologies.


A post-training evaluation and technical report based on discovery and workshop results.


Company employees are trained to deliver CEP to their employees; addresses customers that want to deploy CEP across a large number of employees and integrated into their HR system.

Receive a certificate of completion.

Dialogistics Living and Working Together

New Hire

Part of orientation process of new hires.

Dialogistics Living and Working Together


Implement CEP to solve an immediate problem with a quick response team; possibly delivered virtually.

Stand-by Diversity

Available to companies, hospitals, tech industries, government agencies and law firms based on annual memberships.

Dialogistics Living and Working Together


We can simply supplement what you already have.

Advisory Session

When it comes to D&I training, it is daunting to know where to start or which path would work best for your team or organization. We have designed these discovery sessions to provide you with guidance. If you decide to move forward with any of our programs highlighted above, we will apply this consulting fee to your final bill.

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