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Who We Are

We strongly value interdisciplinary collaboration. Our team  consists of sociolinguists, clinicians, and educators who bring diverse expertise from leadership roles in various settings. With extensive experience in assessing community needs and developing responsive programming, we are well-equipped to make a meaningful impact.The education, mentoring and funding we received through the National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps program, administered by the Pitt Innovation Institute, has allowed us to launch this start-up company. Our work is based on years of teaching & research on engaging Humanities in Health (HinH) at Pitt. We are dedicated to working together with you to create culturally and linguistically inclusive spaces for living and working together while embracing and appreciating differences.

We have guided other groups (Pitt School of Law, School of Medicine, Medical Doctors, Business Leaders and Attorneys) to implement the exercises with success. For those who worked with us closely to implement the technique the benefits were greater, and their trainees demonstrated more engagement as evidenced by post-training reflections. Other educational institutions outside of Pitt such as Vanderbilt University, Penfield High School in NY have also used this process successfully.

Our research analyses based on existing training modules and customer discovery interviews reveal recurrent themes which indicate gaps in the current cultural training. Over 80% of interviewees reported needing adjunct trainings, while over 70% felt the training they had was "top-down" or had no lasting impact, 58.3% found available training to be disengaging and "check the box". Interestingly also, 20.8% thought their existing training created a backlash.

About Us

Dialogistics Living and Working Together

At Dialogistics®, A University of Pittsburgh Licensed Start-up, we bridge the gap between research and the real-world using insights from humanities and social sciences. Our goal is to improve the human condition by fostering human connection, cultivating a safe and healthy environment for all. We strive to empower individuals, organizations and communities with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of today’s world, fostering a more compassionate and interconnected society.


We fully understand the importance of creating formal and safe spaces for discovering deeper and meaningful relationships. The COVID pandemic as well as recent protests regarding racial injustice have forced us to look at inequities embedded in our modern society, tying into larger conversations about race, ethnicity, discrimination, and language. Human societies face very serious challenges and addressing everyone's well-being is a pressing issue.


Reflecting on the wide gaps that separate us, it is crucial that we all work together to create space for conversations devoted to discovering deeper connections, building bridges, cultivating compassion, and learning about each other’s lives to create a safe, healthy, just, and inclusive environment for everyone.

While the most important parts of culture are the hidden parts, discrimination is conversely based on surface attributes such as physical look or language. Unfortunately, Discrimination and bias have serious socio-emotional and economic consequences for companies and individuals. Policies and laws are not adequate to address this issue. What’s missing in our lives is the time and space to learn about each other, to develop empathy, to meet a person rather than a stereotype. 

In all of this, language plays a big role in engaging communities because it is found in every aspect of human existence. In the normal everyday transfer of language we send vital messages about who we are and where we come from.


Language is a social practice through which people channel or construct cultural, social, racial & ethnic identities. Language does not just reflect society, it shapes it. Language has the power to oppress and to set free; it is perhaps then the most powerful tool for inclusion, and thus for social justice.


As such, using language inclusively to avoid perpetuating injustices and inequities is of paramount importance. 

Dialogistics Living and Working Together

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a leader in cultural engagement through our work which is centered around aiding others to improve their understanding of others and of themselves, increase empathy, boost productivity, and create long-lasting cultural engagements in their everyday lives. 




Human Connection

Participants will engage in a cultural self-examination of their personal and family journey, world view, beliefs, and attitudes that influence their understanding of those around them. By encouraging this self-discovery, participants will begin to uncover the power of human connection through the lens of self-awareness and reflection.


We partner with you to learn about your specific needs and desired outcomes to determine the best way forward.


We meet with you in an in-person or virtual setting for an individualized training session, based on the information uncovered during the discovery stage. 


 Long-lasting relationships and deep connections. Our consultants will also generate a report with the findings and recommendations based on the results of the workshop.    


We provide follow-up sessions to ensure you have the support to continue the application of skills acquired during the workshop. 

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