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Cultural Engagement Playbook Dialogistics Living and Working Together
Dialogistics Living and Working Together
What is The CEP?

Anchored in cultural competency models, The Cultural Engagement Playbook is a bottom-up innovative diversity and inclusion training program that challenges individuals to explore their personal definition of diversity. The CEP was developed based on extensive teaching and research at Pitt including an NSF I-Corps grant which allowed us to translate this product to the marketplace. 

This self-awareness disclosure playbook uses exercises inspired by in-person cultural competency practices to prompt trainees to reflect on and engage with their own personal experiences. Through these self-examination exercises, participants explore the hidden essentials of their lives; how their lived experiences influence their attitudes. They then translate this to appreciate diversity, improve empathy, leading towards cultural engagement.

The Cultural Engagement Playbook utilizes existing technology infrastructure to provide flexibility to meet the needs of in-person and virtual settings. 

CEP Diagram Dialogistics Living and Working Together

Three-Step Process

A foundation of discovery, engagement, and support


Pre-training questionnaire to address individual needs and desired outcomes.


An in-person or virtual workshop where participants will engage in activities backed by research-proven methodologies.


A post-training evaluation and technical report based on discovery and workshop results.

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