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Abdesalam Soudi, Ph.D.

Dialogistics Living & Working Together

Dr. Soudi is a sociolinguist interested in the interplay between language and society and the way people use language in different social settings.


Dr. Soudi is a full-time faculty member in the department of Linguistics in the Dietrich School, and a Faculty Fellow with the University of Pittsburgh Honors College. He is the founder and director of the Linguistic Internship Program, through which he works with over ten industry partners and has placed many interns in full-time jobs. Dr. Soudi has been co-directing a Master's level course on cultural competence offered through the Institute for Clinical Research Education for 16 years.


His research interests include conversation analysis, human-computer interface, sociolinguistics, Doctor-patient interaction, electronic health records, cross-cultural communication, Arabic linguistics, statement analysis, medical discourse analysis, diversity, and linguistic and cultural competency.

Dr. Soudi is the Primary investigator for a Pitt seed-funded project on Humanities at Work in the Community, Health and Tech Industries. He heads a Humanities in Health (HinH) Initiative and led the publication of a special collection on Humanities in Health at Pitt. Additionally, he has chaired five national cross-disciplinary conferences on Humanities in Health and Humanities at Work at Pitt.


Dr. Soudi won the inaugural Diversity in the Curriculum Award in 2017 for his success in creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment; in 2018, he won the first-ever Pitt seed grant award for a proposal to build an engagement platform for connecting linguistics to the tech industry and communities. In 2019, he was recognized as an “Honorary Employee” by M*Modal and gave the keynote speech at their ClosedLoop Conference. 


Dr. Soudi has published his research in several journals and magazines. He co-edited a volume called Diversity Across the Disciplines in 2020 and has produced a documentary on the meaning and value of diversity. Dr. Soudi serves on the board of directors for the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute. He is a member of the Dietrich School Faculty Diversity Committee, an ad hoc Chair of the Moroccan Cultural Committee, and a Fellow with the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare. He has also served as a Mentor for refugees and immigrants with the Allegheny County Department of Human services. With a passion for discovering new findings and sharing knowledge, he has made a significant impact in his field and in the community as a whole.

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