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Shelome Gooden, Ph.D.

Dialogistics Living & Working Together

As the first person to hold the title of Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research for the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Related Fields, at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Gooden works with leadership throughout the University to evolve new collaborations and research synergies as well as developing institutional-level funding for research in target areas.

Dr. Gooden is a linguist and she specializes in research on Caribbean Creoles and other Afro-American varieties. Her peer-reviewed publications include journal articles, edited volumes, special issues of top Linguistics journals, high profile conference proceedings, and invited articles in prestigious handbooks. Issues of sociocultural and linguistic diversity, language & identity and multi/interdisciplinarity are recurrent themes in her research, teaching and service to the University and wider Pittsburgh Community. 


For the past 7 years she has collaborated with a diverse group of faculty colleagues in Humanities in Health Initiative to coordinate a variety of programs and conferences as well as publish related works.

As Chair of Linguistics (2012-2018), strengthen programs, diversify the faculty and enrich the curricula. She has served on the Dietrich school’s Diversity and the Provost’s Faculty Mentorship committees. Dr. Gooden has also served in leadership positions in professional organizations in her field, such as The Society for Pidgin & Creole Linguistics.

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